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People of New Zealand

by Sam Moore

Rating: 4 out of 5.

To quote the back cover;

Sam Moore is the creator of the hugely popular Instagram and Facebook page “Ugly Kiwi” which went viral when he started posting images of classic Kiwi stereotypes.

Since I don’t do Instagram or (nowadays) Facebook this isn’t how I found out about this book. Sam appeared on (light) New Zealand news show The Project. They showed examples of his work & Office Jan;

captures perfectly a very typical Kiwi type. I know a couple of Jans that look just like her! So I had to read this book!

The artwork is probably in order drawn as the characterisations get stronger as the book goes along. The life stories on the lefthand pages for me don’t always hit the mark, but they are mostly positive – i.e. not snide. Sam loves his fellow Kiwis – and it shows!

If Sam ever claims his profile on Goodreads, I hope he uses this

Rating: 1 out of 5.

for his picture. That would be so meta!…

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