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August Folly

Rating: 4 out of 5.

August Folly by Angela Thirkell

I’m going to have a problem with my rating though as I gave Wild Strawberries & The Demon in the House 4★, & I liked this one quite a bit more – but not enough to give 4.5★. There were patches where I lost interest.

But the bits that worked were a lot a lot of fun. I loved the village politics & jostling for power (not so different from small town life, really) and I loved that all the characters had their flaws & quirks – just like real people.

The cricket scene was hysterical – & I lead the list of people who normally never enjoy anything about cricket!

The main things I didn’t like were the contemptuous anti- women remarks that Thirkell puts into some of her characters’ mouths.

& the ending was an (unnecessary) attempt to wrap everything up in a neat, tidy bow. Really Richard’s (view spoiler)[ maturing was enough of a story resolution for me! (hide spoiler)]

& bonus points for this;

“Tell Aunt Louise to boil her head,” said Robin.

I’ve never heard anyone other than my husband use that expression!…

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