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Yoga at Work:10-minute Yoga Workouts for Busy People

Yoga at Work:10-minute Yoga Workouts for Busy People by Miriam Freedman

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


I’ve gone back to doing yoga most days – & I’m feeling better for it! This is the only yoga book I have at home (it came from the throw out pile of the op charity shop I used to volunteer at.)

While I have found a couple of the exercises helpful ( I was starting to get bored with doing the same ones over & over again!) this book is another example of a twentieth century book expanded beyond a pamphlet with a whole bunch of stuff I really wasn’t interested in. Chapters like “mental Stress at Work” were both obvious and obvious filler.The exercises don’t start till page 70.

The line drawings, although ugly, I liked- not everyone who does yoga is young and gorgeous!

Some of the “Contemplative Thoughts” at the end of the book are delightful.

I’ll my favourites here, as they may not qualify to be entered on Goodreads.

Those who lose dreaming are lost.
Australian Aboriginal Proverb

Even the thousand mile road has a first step.
Japanese Wisdom

Meditation is not a means to an end. It is both a means and the end.
Krishna Murthi

My edition is from 1996. You never know, later editions may have improved!


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