The Inugami Curse

Lets hope I haven’t forgotten everything about posting a review on WordPress!

by Seishi Yokomizo


Net Galley & Pushkin Press gave me a copy of this book to review. Thank you very much!

I don’t read a lot of Japanese literature, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of it!

This book doesn’t have the almost detached quality that other Japanese detective stories I’ve read have. This book (after a slow start)is lively, it is dramatic, with a large cast of characters that I found easy to keep track of.

And most of these characters don’t have any trouble speaking their mind.

“Detective you have to arrest her. You have to arrest her and put her to death. Not just the regular death penalty – that’s not good enough for her. I want her to hang by her heels, rip her to shreds, burn her till she’s black, and pull out her hair, strand by strand.”

Um… it is fair to say that the Inugami family are not close.

But they are vivid.

I was finding the book a real page turner. I thought I had guessed the murderer – and in part I had – but I still wanted to find out exact methods.

This book was a 4★ read until the end. Most drawn out and in the end boring ending since I read Dinner at Antoine’s Common fault in twentieth century detective stories I believe this book was originally serialised in a magazine, so Yokomizo was probably trying to make sure that the readers hadn’t forgotten important plot points.…

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