I’m Back!

& if everyone stopped following me – I don’t blame you!

I found recent changes made it less easy to add my Goodreads reviews by copying & pasting. Images were a nightmare.

Then with Coronavirus, both my enthusiasm for reading & for figuring out how WordPress works (so many users say it used to be much easier) diminished. But my wonderful daughter has figured out one mistake I made (she scrolled down & pressed one key!) So I’m hoping to catch up. I am meant to be travelling next week, so it will take me some time!

Thanks for your patience

WordPress looks slightly different, yet again.

I’m hoping different means simpler.

So where does everyone else go for WordPress help? Is there a blog. I know I found a messageboard here a couple of times.

Edit: & I found a book called Daddy’s Best Friend on my sidebar. I do have fat fingers sometimes! 😅


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