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Little Plum

Little Plum by Rumer Godden

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Now this book was the escapist read I needed in troubled times!

I read Little Plum in my childhood and loved this exquisite cover

Little Plum by Rumer Godden

but the cover of my edition

Little Plum by Rumer Godden

works in a different way. It shows the character of the untidy, boisterous Belinda and her cousin, the neat as a pin Nona.

Miss Happiness and Miss Flower was Nona’s story. This is Belinda’s.

& what a believable little girl Belinda is. Rude, tactless, aggressive and a bully. Probably not the sharpest knife in the drawer either! Yet her determination to befriend the wealthy but lonely Gem shows endearing side to her character.& she tries so hard to fix things, when – to no one’s surprise but Belinda’s her methods don’t work.

If I could make one tiny criticism it would be that Japanese doll Little Plum remains – a doll. Yet Miss Happiness & Miss Flower still have their personalities.

A wonderful tale from an author who understands that real children are not PC. (although Ms Godden would have despised that term if she had ever heard it!)…

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