Reckless Conduct

by Susan Napier

I’m having all sorts of trouble adjusting to the all new improved WordPress. Still, while my country is in lockdown will be a good time to adjust.


“Be kind,” our Prime Minister said as we head into lockdown.

& I’m trying but I just didn’t like this book.

With Corona virus, I was having trouble concentrating & super stressed. I thought a light romance, by one of my two favourite Mills & Boon writers would lighten my mood – but it didn’t.

I’m trying to be fair & I will try to find positives.

The idea – as presented by the not completely accurate blurb – was good. I have been trying to correct Ms Napier’s listings on Goodreads ad this book’s premise sounded fun. It was a variant of blondes have more fun. I wish I had read that book!

Let’s get on with it.

▪ Plotting is normally Ms Napier’s great strength. But this story is awkward, clumsy & just doesn’t hang together well.

▪ I don’t usually like romances that have teens and children as part of the plot. I can let it go if the author has handled it well & Ms Napier has done so in the past. Nicola barely had any personality or presence in the book. She was merely a plot device. Even worse Napier obviously couldn’t think of what to do with the story. Of course Harriet became pregnant. With triplets as a happy ending – and another child on the way? Harriet really wasn’t ever given much chance to shine with her new, brave personality.

▪ Nicola was 15 & without permission from her father, Harriet persuaded Nicola to have her ears pierced. In New Zealand you have to be at least sixteen. I used to have pierced ears myself – loved them. But it is like tattoos & other permanent changes to someone’s appearance- parents should have the final say.There is a fault in the timeline with Nicola at the end of the book as well.

▪ A Napier man will be your Alpha male type. But usually they have a sense of humour and some endearing quirks. Out of the Napier titles I have read, Marcus is the first of her heroes that hasn’t. I disliked him intensely.

I still want to reread my favourite Napier title [book:Sweet Vixen|5461453] but in fairness to this author, I won’t read any of her other works.

Looks like I have outgrown them and I feel like I should apologise for reading this one when I should have realised that.


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