Captain Blood


With the world in crisis, this is the sort of escapist reread I needed!

Unjustly convicted after the Monmouth rebellion for an act of humanity,Dr Peter Blood is transported to the Caribbean & becomes a slave to the cruel Colonel Bishop. The colonel has a lovely niece…

On about my tenth read I still loved this book, although it doesn’t hold up to rereading as well as the author’s [book:Scaramouche|938105] did. The hero and heroine are both appealing characters although man, Blood really needs to let go! One remark by Arabella colours his actions for chapters. And chapters. And… I loved the physical description of Arabella – I could see her in front of me. So far all the Sabatini’s I have read have given his heroines very varied descriptions.

While there are exciting parts where I could scarcely bear to put the book down, there are also parts that drag. Sadly the heroine appears only in Peter’s thoughts for large chunks of the book. I knocked half a ★ off my rating, but keep in mind if you are more a reader of the historical than the historical romance genre things that bothered me may not bother you.

Designed for me by my daughter, Chloe.

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