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Book Review:The Group

The Group

The Group by Mary McCarthy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fairly near the start this book had waaay too much detail about 1930’s contraception for my tastes – it went on for pages. Yes, I should be more sympathetic – this chapter also evoked the feelings of confused and furtive shame about sexual matters that I remember from the 70’s.

But the further into this groundbreaking novel I got, the more absorbed I became. I especially like the way The Group moved in and out of each others lives – some of the characters disappear for chapters and chapters. This very much reflects real life. Most of the women have absorbing lives, but only the most frustrating member Kay has a real career. Kay also has a real devotion to the unlovely Harald.

Polly was my favourite, Libby felt the most realistic.

I found the ending confusing and a bit hard to follow, but still this is a most excellent book.…

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