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A Christmas Book

A Christmas Book

A Christmas Book by Elizabeth Goudge

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Christmas time is just the best time to read Elizabeth Goudge, as you are entering a world of love, goodness, happiness and hope.

I was lucky enough to purchase this book very cheaply at a local op (charity) shop. I believe it is normally very hard to find. This is a shame, as it is mostly a collection of Christmas themed extracts, with a couple of short stories thrown in. This is a good way to sample Goudge’s work to see if her style is for you.

Rereading the extract from The Dean’s Watch was a chance to reread a section of one of my favourite reads since I have been a Goodreads member.

But all the reads were 5★ for me, with the exception of the final one Christmas With the Angels Well written as always but too biblical for me.

My favourite read was one of the two short stories, Christmas in the Village. So touching and even a little bit of reality there.

This book definitely a keeper for me – same as most of Goudge’s are!

Wishing everyone on Goodreads a Wonderful holiday season and a Glorious Reading Year in 2020!…

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