Book Review: Requiem for a Wren

Requiem For A Wren

Requiem For A Wren by Nevil Shute

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

noun [ C ] UK ​ /ˈrek.wi.əm/ US ​ /ˈrek.wi.əm/
​a mass (= a Christian ceremony) at which people honour and pray for a dead person:
a requiem mass

Definition from the Cambridge Dictionary

Always one of those words where I wasn’t quite sure of the meaning! Knowing the meaning now makes me understand the book title (although I think the US title The Breaking Wave works even better & doesn’t give away an important part of the story)

I was lucky enough to go into this story almost completely cold. I knew it was a WW2 novel but nothing else. I would like everyone to have the same experience, so don’t want to reveal too much. At the start for me it was almost like a Golden Age mystery where I was trying to work out the clues.

This remained a fascinating story – until once again, Shute doesn’t quite nail the ending. Just the one spoiler (view spoiler)[Poor Viola! (hide spoiler)]…

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