Baches of Raglan

Baches of Raglan

Baches of Raglan by Venetia Sherson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

We have had several holidays in Raglan, both as a family & just my husband & myself, needing a getaway.

Me kayaking when I was younger & slimmer!

The deserted black sand beach

Both pictures taken January or February 2007.

These pictures was taken roughly the same time this book was written by journalism, photography and design students from the Schools of Media Arts and Communication at Wintec. I hope Raglan hasn’t changed too much since those days. Last time, we went it was just yuppified enough – very upmarket & delicious fish & chips, wonderful cafes. But most of the old baches (holiday homes) were still there – even beachfront. & there was still a campground by the water.

The students have done this era proud. It is noticeable that journalist/editor Venetia Sherson’s interview captures more information than the students – but with her experience that is to be expected. I loved seeing the famous spaceship bach again.

Photographer Christine Cornegé

The bach to the right is more typical of the 50s/60s baches I remember fondly from my childhood.

With the photos – they are great, but many are on a double page spread that makes them hard to view.

A loving tribute to a New Zealand that is rapidly vanishing.

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