I am New Zealand: Aotearoa Through Many Eyes

I am New Zealand: Aotearoa Through Many Eyes

I am New Zealand: Aotearoa Through Many Eyes by Various

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was hoping to connect everyone to a website associated with this book, but it looks to have already gone down. (& this book is a fund raiser – so, ethics!)

No matter, wanting to see what happens when Nikon invites the photographic community of New Zealand to submit photos of places that have special significance for them? This is the book for you!

Some are straight photos, some have artistic filters added to them. Some, the artists proffer an explanation, other photographers prefer to let the works speak for themselves. Almost every picture is a winner & some are just breathtaking.

As royalties from the sale of this book go to the badly under resourced Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand I will just show one example. If everyone just picks up a copy in their local Little Free Library (Like I did!) or looks online, they won’t get their much needed money!

Kerosene Creek. I’m hoping to get there within the next month. Photographer Ken Wright.


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