Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine May 5, 1980

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine May 5, 1980

Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine May 5, 1980 by Ellery Queen

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I found this magazine in my local laundromat. I waited to read until I was sure it was safe from deletion (perfect bound magazines are allowed on GR) I’m such a goody two-shoes!

64 Trillion Combinations My first Asimov, but the plot of this one was both far fetched & dated. The world of computers has moved along quite a bit since 1980! Such a disappointment 2★

The Look-Alike Murders Etta Revesz Funny, fast paced & engaging. A little predictable but who cares! 4★

Half a Loaf by James Holding.Terrible. Poorly structured & improbable. Original premise sounded intriguing though. 1.5★

Death is a Trouper by Kelly Roos. Novella. This doesn’t read like a 1980 work – because it isn’t. 1946. Despite the delightful & authentic 1940s feel, this is another turkey. Haila & Jeff are a charmless couple who like a little domestic violence in their life. Mystery tired & the characters very flat. Again 1.5★

I was this close to just reading the Moyes & Natsuki short stories & calling it a day. Fortunately I decided to give The Other Man in the Pinstripe by Francis M. Nevins, Jnr a shot. This was great – well written with a wonderful twist & not a word wasted. 5★

A Very Ordinary Murder by Robert Twohy was a very ordinary story. Dull waste of time. 2★

One Thing I Can’t Remember by debutante writer Katherine Patrick. Fresh & funny. Surprised a laugh out of me. I wonder how the rest of Patrick’s writing career went! 5★

The Pawnshop Murder Shizuko Natsuki. Maybe I was expecting too much. Ingenious but a little dull. 3.5★

Just One of Those Days by Margaret Noonan. I don’t wonder why I have never heard of this debutante writer. Dull & silly. The worst in the collection & the worst thing I have read this year. 1★

Which was followed by the best of the collection & the best short story I have read this year! Written in 1961, Patricia Moyes short story A Man Without Papers is as fresh now as it was in the 60s.Everything a short story should be. Wonderful characterisation & thought provoking. I want to seek out more of her writing. 5★

Also thought provoking, Edward D. Hoch’s tale of intrigue suffers from being behind the Moyes tale. But well written, if a little over elaborate. 4.5★

The poems are like the forgettable ones that I read in Readers Digest magazines. I skimmed Jury Box & found one of my to reads The Rasp once again sounds worth seeking out. The classified includes a directory of lonely prisoners. Hmm.

Averaging the stories out, 3★ seems fair


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