Changes at Goodreads

Three changes of varying importance were announced at Goodreads last month.

The first is that the long neglected Authors Group has been changed into an Author Support group. It is no longer visible on the main groups page on Goodreads and looks to be sinking like a stone.

The second is the very sad news that Otis & Elizabeth Chandler are stepping back. I wish them well and hope their next creation is every bit as exciting as the early days of Goodreads must have been. As a friend of mine said, it must be very sad to watch what Amazon has done to their creation.

The third is the closure of the Goodreads Feedback Group.

For me this is the most concerning – not the least because this was meant to happen yesterday. No doubt the brand shiny new Help area was developed off site & they are having difficulty integrating it into the bug ridden Goodreads site.

I’m expecting the Help Desk to work like every other help area on the internet – you loop around trying to find the answer which is never there. Think Airbnb or New Zealand’s IRD. & contact details well hidden so you can’t get hold of a real human.

In a way it is a relief to know that GRAmazon is not even pretending to be about book readers any more. They are for book buyers & authors.


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