They Rang Up the Police

They Rang Up the Police (Inspector Guy Northeast #1)
Death at the Dog by Joanna Cannan

They Rang Up the Police by Joanna Cannan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There were only two Guy Northeast mysteries and I have read them out of order. This is the first. and although I enjoyed , I think this is the superior book.

Cannan was a childhood friend of Georgette Heyer & the two of them, along with nonfiction writer Carola Oman used to critique each other’s work. I do wonder if this is how Cannan and GH honed their strong characterisation skills. In this novel I didn’t have any trouble remembering the different characters and until a lengthy (and boring) exposition at the end, I was totally entertained. So entertained I forgot that I should be trying to solve the mystery of the vanished Cathcart sister!

I felt one clue maybe was a little late being introduced, but other than that the author played fair.


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