Lonely Planet New Zealand’s Best Trips

Lonely Planet New Zealand's Best Trips

Lonely Planet New Zealand’s Best Trips by Brett Atkinson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


What a gorgeous, evocative cover this book has! All three are typical New Zealand shots.

The problem with using a book designed for overseas readers is that in your own country you aren’t trying to cover a vast amount of the country at breakneck speed.* I was looking for a bit more detail than this slim book can supply. What I really liked were the small detail maps breaking up how much you can do in a day. But I needed more information on what to do when I’m at my destination.

If driving in New Zealand don’t skip the olive green section at the back.

Our planned route is Wellington for the Cubadupa Festival, I want to go to the Weka Studios & I want to visit the Garage Project (craft beers) & family stuff. Then one night in the Martinborough region (or maybe 2 if the wines are good enough!) Napier & then (yay!) Gisborne & its environs. I’ve never been to Gisborne & I’m quite excited. For me, this summer is the first time that NZ has felt over touristed, but Gisborne is still very get away from it all. We are allowing nearly four weeks which is more than some of our visitors (I’m an Airbnb host) allow for our whole country. *I made a cup of tea for one of our guests, turned around & he was literally asleep on his feet. He was doing all the driving & they only had 9 days for all of the North Island.

My husband had a good chat with one of the workers at our local I-site (tourist information bureau) the other day. Visitors look at a map & see a little country & don’t allow for little windy roads (North Island off the beaten track) very few roads (South Island) & lousy drivers. (New Zealanders & visitors) & road works just about everywhere. Slow down, see less, but enjoy it more.

Carol over & out!

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