Fillets of Plaice

Fillets of Plaice

Fillets of Plaice by Gerald Durrell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


These random, “real life” (more on that later) stories from Durrell’s life were a real mixed bag for me

A natural born raconteur;

Durrell appeared to be quite at home writing his tales down, but apparently he never loved writing or thought of himself as a writer – it was always a way to raise money. Some of his stories stood the test of time. Others really didn’t. 🙄

The Birth of a Title Charming snippet that shows the close bond between GD & his brother Lawrence Durrell and tells how this book got its title. Brought back my own memories of Greece.
The book’s dedication;

This book is for my brother Larry who has always encouraged me to write and rejoiced more tan anyone else in what success I had.


The Birthday Party Oh my word, I just hated Larry after (& in fact during ) this story! I know a fair few arrogant SOBs like this in real life, always thinking they know best, always trampling all over others to get their own way. (view spoiler)[ The ice box (probably a simpler affair than the one in this picture;

Probably the only thing that made life on Corfu bearable for Mother. (hide spoiler)]

Only the punchline saves this one.. 2★(barely)

A Transport of Terrapins Charming, delightful, what I hoped this whole collection would be like. GD’s life long love of the animal kingdom just shines through. The standout story 5★

A Question of Promotion Where GD shows that Larry isn’t the only insufferable member of the Durrell family. Long winded, vain & pompous (not to mention paternalistic & sexist), even GD”s rapport with animals can’t save this one 1.5★

A Question of DegreesWhile fascinating in a way about the workings of the NHS was just TMI for me! 2.5★

Ursula Where GD doesn’t let facts get in the way of a good story! Among others, his sister & mother both said he embroidered or omitted real life events.Lighthearted & funny though. 5★

Maybe I would have had a kinder view of Larry if I had read this first. Warning: may shatter a few Durrell illusions…

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