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One Dark Night

One Dark Night (The Dark Moon Series #1)

One Dark Night by Anna Faversham

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I had high hopes for this one – but it didn’t quite measure up.

The time period for this historical was the the tail end of the Regency, but it wasn’t a copy cat of my beloved Georgette Heyer and this wasn’t set in her world – which usually means a cut & paste of some of GH’s dialogue and characters behaving like it is the 21st century – only wearing long dresses or pantaloons! But this was the hard and terrifying world of smugglers – and the start had quite a few threads going.

I had a few quibbles about the beginning, but they were later resolved to my satisfaction. But after these were resolved was about the time the story started to sag. It never recovered for me, sadly.

I still think Anna is a fresh new voice in historical romance and I’m happy to give her time to develop her gifts.

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