All Good Things Come to an End!

My husband and I made a day trip to Auckland for a Pop-Up Globe performance (more on that later) We decided to go to our old stamping ground of Onehunga. I knew that Hard to Find was going to have to shift, but it was still sad to see the premises empty.

My husband looking in. The signage is from this building’s previous life as a fruiterer.

There was a young women (& a lot of storage boxes) in the shop. Maybe Hard to Find staff removing the last of their paperwork. It would be hard to believe that it could be another tenant – or that the new owner is intending to do anything with these premises other than demolish them. Last time I was inside the store, I was afraid the walls would collapse around me!

Warwick did run a GiveaLittle campaign, but I decided against donating. My best friend’s son was dying of cancer & that, for me, was a wiser use of my donation money. As much as I loved this shop (my favourite second hand bookstore) a business needs to stand & fail on it’s own merits. I’m quite sure Warwick could have bought these premises for a song, back in the eighties – or even the nineties.

Saying that, Warwick is a lucky son of a gun! The Catholic Church has come to his rescue & he has moved into an old convent in Newton. Next time I’m in Auckland I’ll visit – hopefully buy a few books. But I won’t fund this bookshop any other way!

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