It’s Scary But…

I think I’m ready to start!

I’d really like to thank my beautiful daughter Chloe for all her help setting up this blog – especially the lovely header with the stylised pohutukawas. Or book pages. Or whatever you want it to be. Wellington, she is heading for you, so if you need a talented Graphic Designer you can contact her at

This blog will be my reviews, with maybe a few pot shots at Goodreads (done with love of course!) Goodreads has become my internet home. I always pictured Goodreads as a huge rambling house, with libraries in many of the rooms and friends coming over to share their book thoughts with you. Recent changes have blurred that for me, & of course Amazon owns Goodreads and is entitled to keep turning it more into a book store rather than a library.

So I thought I would set up a room of my own over here on WordPress. From time to time I may review short stories that shouldn’t be on Goodreads database. So… I’m rambling and this is Chloe and her partner Hannah’s last night with us. Chloe is making Tom Yum soup and it is starting to smell really good, so I may sign off for now.

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